Travelling Safe: Outrage Onboard Public Transportation

In recent times, there has been a noticeable rise in reported “outrage of modesty” and “insult of modesty” cases[1]. This has been identified as a key concern for the authorities, who have been noted to state that they will be working closely with “stakeholders and the community to prevent and deter” such cases. While such […]

Legislative review to allow non-parents to apply for guardianship of a child

We responded to the invitation for feedback under the Public Consultation on Recommendations submitted by the Committee to Review and Enhance Reforms in the Family Justice System by the Ministry of Law and the Ministry of Social and Family Development. In our work with various social service agencies (“SSAs”) in Singapore, Covenant Chambers LLC has received several […]

Doctor’s Conviction for Disclosure of Patient’s Confidential Medical Information in a Medical Emergency Overturned by the Court of Three Judges

The Court of Three Judge’s decision in Singapore Medical Council v Soo Shuenn Chiang [2019] SGHC 250 clarifies that the inquiry a doctor should undertake when faced with a request for a patient’s confidential medical information is context-specific In a welcome move for the medical profession, the Court of Three Judges set aside the Singapore […]

Pet Boarding: Are Your Pets Really in Safe Hands?

AVA Investigating Pet Boarding Facility Platinium Dogs Club for Mistreatment All pet owners have one thing in common: the fear of leaving your beloved pet in the hands of another whom you have no visibility or control over whilst being away. The common consensus also suggests that traditional pet boarding facilities prioritise safety by being […]

Film Financing Intro: Producing a film, writing a screenplay, or acting in a film? What you need to know to navigate the law and finance of the film industry

Introduction: Making Films in Singapore I love movies, short films, videos, television series. I binge on them. I talk about them with friends. I get jealous that TV series like La Casa De Papel, Fauda, Kim’s Convenience get picked up by Netflix for distribution to international acclaim. Singapore has produced great films like Apprentice, Pop […]

Case Update: Teo Lay Gek & Another v Hoang Trong Binh & Another [2019] SGHC 84

Facts This case centred on a dispute that arose in a settlement agreement between the minority shareholders (Plaintiffs) and majority shareholders (Defendants) of Agape Holdings Pte Ltd (“Agape Singapore”), a company incorporated in Singapore. The Plaintiffs previously commenced legal proceedings against the Defendants based on minority oppression. Pursuant to mediation at the Singapore Mediation Centre, […]

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