Dispute Resolution

We manage your disputes.

Whether it is advocacy at the Court of Appeal, complex trials at the High Court and State Courts, international commercial arbitration or regulatory agency investigations, our dispute lawyers have the experience and expertise to serve your interests.

Our experience and practices cover a full spectrum from multi-million dollar claims to competition law, shareholder/director fights to criminal and family law.

We take pride in working intelligently, efficiently and economically, and thereby giving you peace of mind as you leave your disputes in our hands.

Our Dispute Resolution Team

Lee Ee Yang

Managing Director

Ronald JJ Wong


Che Wei Chin

Associate Director

Wilbur Lua

Associate Director

Wee Qianliang

Associate Director

Asst. Prof. Tan Zhong Xing


Tan Weiming


Charis Wong

Senior Associate

Dispute Resolution Practice Areas

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Civil & Commercial Litigation

We act in shareholders and directors disputes, statutory derivative actions, partnership disagreements and investment issues. We understand the commercial objectives of our corporate clients and plan an approach that dovetails with their medium and long term goals.

Real Estate Disputes

In land scarce Singapore, real estate occupies a special place in people’s hearts. It is important to know this area of law well and the various property interests and remedies the court can declare and order respectively such that we can best serve our clients’ interests. We act for both purchasers and vendors in sale and purchase disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, real estate agents’ disputes with their clients and vice versa. We also act for property developers, main contractors and sub contractors in construction related matters.

Family Law

Disputes between spouses can be emotionally draining. Being attentive and highly responsive, we are well placed to provide prompt, workable and high quality advice to meet the needs of our individual clients. We also see ourselves as a peacemaker in every family dispute.

We are competent in every area of family law, including annulment, judicial separation, divorce, adoption, maintenance and personal protection applications, mental capacity act applications, cross border issues such as division of foreign property and child custody issues.

Criminal Law

Facing a criminal charge is definitely one of the most stressful things one has to deal with. You will receive wise counsel from us, including whether to plead guilty or to claim trial. For most cases, a well delivered mitigation plea would make a real difference to the sentence to be meted out by the judge.

Estate Planning, Trust & Probate

Leaving a heritage and inheritance for your loved ones is a good thing, but not an easy thing to do. We help our clients distill their intentions with clarity and achieve such intentions through the drafting of wills and trust deeds. We also represent clients in both contentious and non contentious probate and provide good legal counsel in such family disputes.

International Commercial Arbitration

With the Singapore International Arbitration Centre firmly established in the region, Singapore is rapidly emerging as the destination of choice as the seat of arbitration in contracts. International transactions now commonly contain arbitration clauses which allow parties to take advantage of an alternative dispute resolution model that is confidential, fair and cost-efficient. We have past experience in arbitration claims representing institutional and individual clients, and will be able to guide you through the arbitration process in Singapore to achieve a result that is tailored to your interests.


Mediation as a form of alternate dispute resolution is an effective and efficient way to resolve disputes. An amicable agreement following mediation may prevent unnecessary exposure to public scrutiny and savings in court fees. Our lawyers have a depth of experience in their fields and will guide you through your mediation needs with your best interests at heart. We provide mediation services for disputes including divorce, family disputes, medical disputes and commercial disputes.

Regulatory Investigations

Businesses today may face a myriad of complex regulations imposed across multiple jurisdictions. A poorly managed investigation may lead to dire reputational and financial consequences. We can advise you on the necessary steps to take to avoid civil, criminal and regulatory liabilities, and help guide you through investigations to ensure that you make the most commercially viable decisions. Our lawyers have experience in ensuring compliance to Singaporean legislation including the Companies Act, the Personal Data Protection Act, the Competition Act and the Employment Act.